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Google Plus is the official app for the popular social network from Google for iOS devices. The app allows you to access all its content, update your profile, and ultimately do everything you could do from a desktop computer.

This means that you can manage your circles, read up on what's new with those you follow and that are nearby, or chat without a problem with any user that is also logged in to Google Plus.

You can upload photos and videos directly from your device to your Google Plus account in a flash. All you need is to take the picture or record the video, click a few buttons on the screen of your phone, and automatically they will appear on your account.

In addition, the Hangout feature allows users to make video calls with up to eight other people, as long as the Internet connection you have at that moment is strong enough to support it.

Google Plus is an amazing app that has all the necessary features so that users from Google's social network can enjoy it at anytime time and anywhere as long as they have their iPhone in hand.
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